> pås-performance


A performance composed for the opening of Dear swarm-I, a room swarmning of we-me-s January 28th, performed by: Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Marcus Doverud, Niels Engström and Liv Strand.

Duration of the performance is around 20 minutes.

Four folded large scale paper bags get presented as the performance matter. The performers make vocal sounds, mimicking the sounds of the crackling paper as close as a human mouth possible can. Audiable not so near as the constitution of the human mouth and vocal cords differ from smooth strong paper.

After a while the performers enter the paper bags, one by one, and move around. As bags, as the content they form. As content they are disguised, their individual movements compose the purpose. This goes on until they re-appear and leave their quite warn paper bags huddeling behind.

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