PublikMusik #3


PublikMusik #3 premiered at SITE/Specific festival at Hallen in Farsta, Stockholm, and was cancelled due to corona at Weld

PublikMusik is a care for choreographic and music practices that complicate virtuosity in relation to playing and listening. Studying and mixing competence from different fields we make compositions that lifts the aesthetico-sensible in-betweenness of sound and movement. A playing-field for thinking with music through choreographic composition. And an attempt to deploy the possible democratic potency of seeing and listening together in a room with others, going public.

PublikMusik #1-3 are curated and choreographed by Marcus Doverud together with Anna Lindal, Roberto N Peyre and Liv Strand.

The evening is part of the umbrella project Thinking with music supported by Konstnärsnämnden, Scenkonst Sörmland and Weld. Thanks to Hallen i Farsta.

Thinking with music
During the year, Marcus Doverud led a number of workshops and seminars aimed at young people where listening, discussions about and the embodiment of music were in focus. A work that combines song and choreography with music, theory and philosophy through interpretations and analyzes of popular songs. In Thinking with music Marcus Doverud gathers these experiences and exchanges into a solo.

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Marcus Doverud
Anna Lindal

Roberto N Peyre

Time Based

Farsta Hallen, photo by Ulrika Berg

Farsta Hallen

Farsta Hallen, photo by Ulrika Berg

Farsta Hallen, photo by Ulrika Berg