The anatomy of confinement


Soloexhibition at Verkstad konsthall in Norrköping

The exhibition Begränsningens anatomi / The anatomy of confinement show new sculptures in dialogue with earlier works and take interest in how present art works can reflect on complex socio-cultural realities. The visitor becomes a factor activating the pieces in literal and figurative senses. The anatomy of confinement explores the notions ‘nation’ and ‘hen’, a newly popular Swedish third person pronoun un-gendered like one, out of aspects of how boundaries and distinctions made are part of the shaping of under- standing on ones present times.

The three parts of installation Quicksand frontier under-standing is presented for the first occasion in Sweden, the work has earlier been shown in Jerusalem, Copenhagen, Berlin and Oslo. These works engages in the foundations of a nation, that is in demarcation.
The anatomy of confinement suggests that we take into consideration how words and notions shape understanding, even on an everyday level of language. The notions we confess to effect our imagination, in the sense of what we think is possible, as the same time as they establish territories. The structures we live limit the conceivable events. Structures set the frames for the manyfold of difference that still exist.

In the exhibition the interest of delimitations goes further to the newly popular, un-gendered third person pronoun ‘hen’, that can be said to erase the gender distinction in the Swedish language. This is presented in the new work text and in the text-posters.

One sculpture of is built to float on the river Motala Ström that passes the Verkstad exhibition space. The art work is made by plexiglass and mirror the surroundings, it wrench the scenery and obscure the line between art and location. The visitors are asked to hand in suggested titles for the sculpture, and the art work will continue to be vague by having several titles mirroring it.

Art Work