Sliding structure


Exhibited at ROM for kunst og arkitektur, Oslo 2008, and at Centro Cívico San Francisco in Bilbao, at MEM 2010.

Sliding Structure is an art work about shape and reshaping. Forms in motion, that creates a dynamic of moments with instantaneous difference.

Sliding Structure is based on the ideas of, and the shapes of tents and banners, both recognizable forms with variable appearances. They might be disparate in their exterior shape and are foremost determined to be either a banner or a tent through their use. The layer of a tent and a banner is a membrane that provides a thin boundary between public and private –or forms the place where a message might be announced publicly. They shapes differ in the way that a tent is used to detail and protect a private space, whereas banners is for communication. In Sliding Structure the shapes are refined into pure, basic constructions, where numerous specific narratives and personal fates and fortunes are hiding.
The exhibition consists of three art works: Sliding structure: it, a mechanical installation built in cooperation with steering engineer Gert-Ove Wågstam. A full movement from banner to tent and back take 6,5 minutes. Opening, a video of openings that gets filled with sound but no imagery of places, it is projected onto a black fabric covering a wall. And a low table with four Text sculptures that cast word shadows.
The work Sliding Structure is built with support from Konstnärsnämnden, Sveriges Bildkonstnärsfond. Exhibited in Spain 2010 by support from Musik i Sverige.

Art Work
01way in
03way out
04way out

Sliding Structure, on its way. Hole movement take 6.20 minutes.

Sliding Structure, the tent shape.

Sliding Structure, on its way out.

Sliding Structure, on its way out.

Sliding Structure, banner shape, being lit up as it reaches the banner stadium.

Glipa / Opening, a video with openings to different soundscapes. Screened on black velvet.

Glipa / Opening, a video with openings to different soundscapes. Screened on black velvet.

Text Sculpture, reading HOME.

Text Sculptures, with an animated lamp that makes the cast shadows to move.

Text Sculpture, reading EXIT.

Text Sculpture, reading REST.