Energy Effect


Permanent video installation in the waiting room by the physiotherapy, at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm

Pipeline is a video piece that brings the viewer on an uncharted journey through a pneumatic pipeline system. This pneumatic pipeline system runs by more than ten kilometers through the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm. My basic interest was to be able to see the unseen, the speed and way of the transports in such an ancient technical system. To view the idea of moving. A capsule was modified to transport the video camera in order to capture the movement and sound of the capsule, as it navigates through the system. View a video-clip from inside the pneumatic pipeline.

In the waiting room by the physiotherapy two monitors are running both a 15 minutes long version of the journey inside the pneumatic pipeline and a 2 minutes clip of birds that juggle with branches from a BBC nature documentary. Small changes was made to the wall color making shadows and a spatial place for the monitors to share with the patients.

Thanks to Micke Höglund, Hanter Ingenjörsteknik. And to the AKTÅ-group at Stockholms Läns Landstings kulturförvaltning for inviting me to work at Karolinska University Hospital.

A publication about art concerning the technical installation of the pneumatic pipelines is made by Stockholms Läns Landstings kulturförvaltning.