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with Marcus Doverud.
Crackling sculpturally. The form_sprachs_the spirit.
Two long term associates in an intense rhythmic mashup.
M Doverud: percussion. L Strand: papers, sticks n-box.pm_news



TEXTRUM is a project conceiving text on going since 2019. It is a parallel writing process with Berlin based artist Freja Bäckman. Our texts gravitate around topics on the structures of societies and social interactions. In the end of 2019 we  meet in a residency at NKF in Stockholm and processed texts and also gave a workshop with artists Ulrika Gomm, Sille Storihle and Elske Rosenfeld.


The Transatlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s)

Workshops, performances and presentations for The Transatlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s) in New York in July, where artists and art professionals gathered around national belonging and nationalism combining historical and contemporary perspectives on these complex notions.
I performed A walk in the park and hosted workshop Migrating Roots. Curated by Susanne Ewerlöf & Carmen Ferreyra. The Transatlantic Meeting on Nationalism(s) was part of CPR 2019: Navigating the (art)World.freedom1



Utsikten / The Prediction, a three floor exhibition at Krognoshuset in Lund, Sweden. Featuring an installation with folded and plied lighting filters, and a set of typographic prints on the notion of the nation state (setting borders for people ans imagination) and a large drawing of a lowercase i (of the font Times New Roman). The exhibition combine abstraction and argumentation. A version was showed at Grafikens Hus. utsikten_rad



Published book: Viformation, written together with Marcus Doverud. Launched in a conversation with curator Camilla Larsson at Weld in Stockholm. viformation_wp


Participation in project IdentityLab

I am part of research project IdentityLab, a collaborative project between the Istanbul based maumau Art Residency and Verkstad konsthall in Norrköping. IdentityLab happens in the context of the Tandem Exchange Program. The research concern identity and connections to place, partly through the lens of minority groups in the two countries. First journey visited Jokkmokk, Stockholm and Norrköping. Next one Batman in east Turkey and Istanbul. There is a publication Between Pl&ce, download it! Exif_JPEG_PICTURE


Textile Location

Textile Location is a performance work where a red and white textile set a structure probed by a costume and by text. Text read and recited. Textile Location has been showed at Agora Collective, Berlin, at PALS 2014 –International Festival for Performance Art, at Sunday Run_up @ccap celebrations, and at Slakthuset.Textile_wp


Tur_tur, a walking piece

I participated in the out door project How Green Was My Valley with a walking piece Tur_tur, that evoked inner sensations of the participants –as a way to become local together. aiPotu curated the out door events of Vevringutstillingaturtur_wp


Liv Strand gives in her art form to the aspiration of re-shaping, for the shapes yet-to-come. Be it in an installation, a text as image or a book, in a guided tour of a space, in the facilitation of a workshop or in a sculpture: the work aims to put up a space for temporary negotiations. Negotiations through art about staying on the surface, how to blend into a striped space or on how the structure of the nation state frames our lives.

Liv Strand is based in Stockholm. She’s co-initiator of Salon Material, running since 2011, and of feminist sound art project Larm (2004-08). She works at EMS and is a member of Fylkingen.