Capitalism As We Live It

2012 – 2014

A workshop format in collaboration with Andrea Creutz and Elizabeth Ward. Workshops:

- 2012 at Konsthall C, upstairs in a project space. Hökarängen, suburb of Stockholm.

- 2013 at Flutgraben e.V in Berlin. In collaboration with programming group Inverse Institution.

- 2014 at Iaspis, Stockholm.

- the project is continued by Andrea Creutz and Elizabeth Ward

The project Capitalism as we live it departs from the assumption that everyone in a community participates and is implicated in capitalist structures; therefore having access to knowledge about this on many different levels. We want to deepen this knowledge through the exchange and analysis of our collective and individual experiences. The project takes on a workshop format in order to create forums for joint discussions and to reflect on how the structure of capitalism affects our everyday life.

We invite participants to engage in shared thinking that includes theoretical knowledge as well as actual situations which challenge habits and the predominant system. Before the workshop begins participants are asked to write a one day diary or journal entry with the idea of recording the chosen day through the lens of capitalism. These journals then serve as a microscope to investigate the implications of capitalism in daily life. The workshop also engages the body as one important sensory channel for experiences and reactions. The objective of these series of meetings is to find ways to raise awareness on the course of events in the socio-economic system, to askew existence, and expand our space for action.

Capitalism as we live it is a collaboration between artist Andrea Creutz (SE) see, artist Liv Strand (SE) and choreographer Elizabeth Ward (U.S) which was initiated autumn 2011 in Athens. It looks for formats to reflect on what capitalistic structures and conditions bring into everyday life. The project is supported by Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

Time Based

Capitalism as we live it, at Flutgraben, Berlin April 2013. Reading journals in the end of the first evening's dinner.

Reading journals in the end of the first evening's dinner.

Photo by Sönke Hallmann from the workshop given April 2013 at Flutgraben, Berlin. Breathing, resting.

Listening to a pod cast with Franco Bifo Berardi and Nina Power.

Negotiating and drawing trees in pairs.

Photo by Sönke Hallmann. Discussing the trees in the whole group.

Smoosh! Photo taken by Jean-Ulrick Desert.

Capitalism as we live it, given at Konsthall C September 2012. Talking about journals.

Negotiating and drawing a tree.

A tree drawing with worms.