twice twice


twice twice is a performance that is part of the collaborative work Through Composition as Explanation

The staged work twice twice filter some of further discussions and practical attempts. The language of the performance was spoken words or other means as improvised sound/music, choreographed bodily encounter and babble as voices without a specific language, trying to describe and articulate absent objects etc. Running through twice twice is a tone of how the piece operates by insisting on the making in situ, attempting a strictly composed auto poetic production. We worked with what we call 'concept-objects', an exercise in verbally exhausting ones knowledge on a topic or a word by telling it. twice twice is a 1,5 hour long composition that was premiered at Weld in Stockholm, May 2012.

Time Based

Making sound on the objects: a drum and a styrofoam box. Still from video.

Making sound, mostly low intensive. Still from video.

Miming an absent object. Still from video.

Miming an absent object, and also using the way the other person showed the object. Still from video.

Speaking 'concept-objects': to tell to make sense. Still from video.

Making vocal sound without any specific meaning. Still from video.

Throwing a table as a last circus trick. Still from video.